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Year of The Fit

I had originally planned to spend my New Years Eve celebrating with friends at a house party. We would have been laughing, screaming, and making jokes that wouldn’t be funny to our sober selves, and then I would have spent all of the first day of my 2014 sleeping and wondering why. This isn’t all bad, it is just an accurate summary. Each year as I get older, it gets harder to convince me that anything can justify a tight, sparkling, mini dress in Canadian winter weather.

If I am going to (try to) show off to strangers, I would rather it be in the gym.

So when a last minute change of plans arose, I actually took the opportunity. I had a client whose babysitter let her down so she offered me the job. Let me please clarify that I haven’t babysat in probably 6 years and this is not the usual work I do for my clients. A little bit of convincing was required but it worked. So at 7pm off I go to meet my 2-year old date.

He greets me with a hug and shows off his coordination skills as he jumps and runs as fast as he can. Needless to say, I am really impressed. He politely asks me if I want to share his dinner with him and once it is gone, he asks if we can watch some TV. While we sat and watched cartoon pigs sail around the world, he slyly slipped his hand into mine. Just real casual.

As we are getting him ready for bed, he got caught in his pants trying to pee, slipped in the puddle, and bailed. I don’t care what anyone says, I’d rather see that then a roomful of people counting backwards from 10.  The hardest part of parenting must be to keep a straight face half the time. The learning to pee mishap was rewarded with a high five and clean underwear, and given the title of my least messiest New Years.

As I spent the rest of my evening hanging out on the couch, I flipped through the fitness magazine I brought with me and thought about how happy I was that I wasn’t drinking. WEIRD, RIGHT?! I was actually happy to go home and crush a protein and water in my blender bottle and sleep. Hopefully this means big things to come this year because my head is definitely in a good place.

Upcoming this year: a 5k race in May, shortly followed by my first triathlon. And hopefully no more babysitting on holidays 🙂


As a side note: I have issues with New Years resolutions… this is a continuation of my lifestyle and is not a resolution…
You can read my gripes about resolutions tomorrow.

HAPPY 2014!!!!!!

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Top Thirteen of ’13

As we reach the beginning of the end of 2013, I have been reflecting on the year past. I have been through a lot of changes and I have learned more than I can summarize. This was actually a huge year for me in terms of growing into my big girl pants. Or maybe I should say pant suit. Regardless of what my figurative self is wearing, I would like to share the biggest lessons that 2013 handed me.

1. Work smarter, not harder.
Time is valuable. Don’t put yourself out to accommodate others who do not do the same for you. Spending 14 hours at work, but only working for 8 is not smart. It is hard.

2. Have faith.
In anything. Just believe in the universe/ the world/ yourself.

4. Hard work is hard. But worth it.
Particularly because I work in the fitness industry, I can vouch that change demands hard work and hard work elicits change. And this applies to everything.

5. Making time is hard. But worth it.
It is too easy to get caught in front of the TV, or creeping your acquaintances on Facebook for hours and be convinced you have no free time. If you want it, then do it. You won’t miss your computer.

6. Accept help.
Don’t assume that friends and family will judge you or think you are weak if you ask for help. Most people will be happy you asked them. Help arrives in many forms, so be open to the opportunities you are given.

7. Find your release.
Pressure builds up and if you don’t give it an exit, it will make one. Find a way to let out your stress, frustration, and aggression. Try exercise! Or try blogging!

8. Money and sleep aren’t your biggest stresses.
Too many times have I worried about lack of money and lack of sleep, and I have missed out on things because I prioritize money and sleep. Sure, I don’t get enough of either but life isn’t waiting.

9. Stay in the game.
You are the only one who can take yourself off the bench. If you are disappointed, then be disappointed. But get back in the game because no one does anything from the bench… except yell.

10. Patience is a virtue.
Be patient and listen and do not brush people off no matter how stupid or impractical their concerns may be to you.

11. Go with your gut.
Trust yourself. This year I made many big decisions, and I changed my mind at the last minute regarding two really big situations. Both decisions were right, without a doubt.

12. Stop comparing yourself to others.
Be who you want to be, and don’t be bothered by others who do things differently. If you can be happy with yourself, then, in my opinion, you have everything you will ever need.

13. Don’t stop learning.
Learn from your past, learn from others, seek education, and take it all in with an open mind.

As a last note: this is my 40th blog post and I want to thank you for reading along! I thought this might go off into the internet to die after a few entries but I am happy to keep writing 🙂

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