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Annie Get Your Guns

Okay, enough already. Women can lift (and they should). Strong is the new skinny, my friend.

Stop waving your 2.5lb dumbbells around and wondering why your flab is getting flabbier. Here is a completely scientific argument (okay it is based on science) listing why women are just as tough as men and have even more reasons to pump some iron. It is okay to sweat and it is okay to grunt, and most of all it is okay to try something new when your strategy isn’t working. I challenge you to avoid the treadmill for a few sessions and get out of your routine. Here are the best 10 reasons for women to lift:

1. Burn that flab! Bigger muscles burn more calories and the workout will boost your metabolism!
2. Get toned! You do not have the testosterone of a man, you will not get all jacked up. Trust me I have tried.
3. Help fight injuries! Learn proper form and strengthen your body to help protect joints.
4. Burn more calories! Research shows more calories burned post workout versus a cardio workout.
5. Get stronger! Build muscle for endurance, strength, or power.
6. Lose that belly fat! …. you know crunches don’t work so just stop.
7. Feel confident! This is a high that is legal, healthy, and free!
8. Fight osteoporosis! Particularly in post menopausal women, fight bone loss!
9. Get out of your comfort zone!  If you need to read why you should be lifting, you probably aren’t.
10. Get the body you really want.

I hope the exclamation marks got my point across.

If another woman tells me that they don’t lift heavy because they don’t want to get bulky then maybe I will have to start considering that all of these women know the secrets of bodybuilding. Until then, I will believe that strength training is largely misunderstood.

“The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy is only perpetuated by women who fear work and men who fear women.” – Source Unknown


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The Short Shorts Epiphany

Today I had a moment. Just one of those moments that your brain turns in a different direction.

I saw a woman in the gym wearing short shorts and proudly showing off her overweight body and dimpled legs. She wasn’t strutting like a model but had a brazen confidence that said “… why wouldn’t I wear these shorts”. I honestly felt so impressed and so happy for her confidence that I had to hold myself back from running over and giving her a high five, a slap on the butt, and a “You go girl”! The confidence in her ability to wear what made her most comfortable and made it easiest for her to workout was refreshing.

I have my soft spots and my self criticisms but each day that passes won’t come back. I don’t want to look back in a few years and realise this is as good as it gets and I spent my best days making excuses or awkwardly fidgeting to get my shorts to stay over my trouble spots.

Keep yourself surrounded by these people; the brave and the confident, the ones who know what they want and know what they like. Most importantly, stay surrounded by those who let you be who you really are. Maybe you don’t know who you are yet but separate yourself from those who don’t nurture your ability to grow.

Did you know 90% of women over 21 have cellulite? Let’s embrace it. Let’s embrace our bodies as they transform (if we so desire to change them). Let’s be role models with self confidence and let’s be proof that it is most important to accept and be comfortable with yourself.

Maybe I needed this pep talk the most. Now to conquer the world; but first, where are my short shorts….


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