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The Start

Part of me wishes I had started this blog earlier but I know myself well enough to know that all of my initial posts would have been me feeling sorry for myself and probably posting weird pictures of my temporarily warped body.

Here is a quick recap. I come from an athletic family- you could say I was bred rather than just born. I always thought I was a natural but it turns out I was just always conditioned for high intensity exercise (that was an exhausting lesson). I worked in fitness for many years before getting into training, and I have been working in Toronto as a trainer for the past year and a half. Running has been my main source of fitness but my heart has a soft spot for squats, deadlifts and everything else that makes the juice heads in the gym give me that face that says “That girl knows how to do that?!”

After being hit by an SUV, I have had one surgery and I am at 10 months of rehab. I am lucky to have a degree in Kinesiology as well as a brilliant network of kind and giving individuals. Let’s just say I needed a printing press for all the I.O.U.’s that I was writing. It is extremely rewarding to rebuild a body through corrective exercises, and it restored my wonder in the amazing intricacies of the human body.

So as much progress as this blog omits, there has been a lot and there will be a lot more. Let’s leave it at that.  I am moving forward and so is this blog! 🙂


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