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Let Them Eat Pie

What makes each little box on the calendar different from the one beside it? Is it the order it comes in the week? Isn’t there always one before and one after it? What about each day; one day came before and one day comes after? So why is January 1st our best day for new beginnings?

As much as I am waving my foam finger for goal setting, one of the first rules to be successful is that the goal setter must want it and be committed to it. If you decide in December you have a goal but it can wait until January, you don’t want it enough. If you come up with an idea on January 1st because it is January 1st, you don’t want it enough. If you set the same resolution every year, you don’t want it enough.

If you don’t want it, you won’t do it.

So what do you want?

The resolutions I often hear make me realise that few people had to sit through four years worth of goal setting education (I love my Kinesiology degree I promise!) or else we have a lot of rule breakers. So, you want to be more fit. Great let me know when you get there. Oh right, it isn’t measurable. It is also subjective, general, and there is no defined timeline. Maybe the biggest issues with resolutions is just that we need more education on goal setting. I think we set generic goals so we can have a new topic for small talk with co-workers for a few weeks.

I also think by titling something a New Years Resolution, you are destined to fail. You have tied your goal to the connotation that you can carelessly shrug it off in three weeks because it was “only” a New Years resolution. It is like a new toy that gets less shiny and is just plain old boring “this year” before you know it. Few people will follow up with your progress past the end of the month so that you won’t inquire in return what their (lack of) progress is.

If the purpose of your goal setting is because it is a new calendar year then don’t set a goal because you don’t have a reason. Wait until you have a desire, a cause, an internal motivation, or something to propel you besides a lame excuse for a night of boozing.

When I was little, I once decided that my resolution was to not eat pie all year. I remember people laughing and re-telling me this as I grew up. I clearly misunderstood the objective of setting a goal, particularly because I didn’t like pie, but now it seems even funnier to me. I really think that this resolution was as invaluable as what the majority of the population sets. At least I followed through on mine!

This post is not meant to discourage goals in any way, all I want to express is that it needs to have a significance that overrides a date. There is no perfect time to start something good for yourself- you will always be busy, and you will always have distractions. That is something we all need to navigate once we prioritize our seemingly endless list of to-dos.

You can only begin once you know where you want to go.

The other 364 days of the year will be good to you, I promise.


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Year of The Fit

I had originally planned to spend my New Years Eve celebrating with friends at a house party. We would have been laughing, screaming, and making jokes that wouldn’t be funny to our sober selves, and then I would have spent all of the first day of my 2014 sleeping and wondering why. This isn’t all bad, it is just an accurate summary. Each year as I get older, it gets harder to convince me that anything can justify a tight, sparkling, mini dress in Canadian winter weather.

If I am going to (try to) show off to strangers, I would rather it be in the gym.

So when a last minute change of plans arose, I actually took the opportunity. I had a client whose babysitter let her down so she offered me the job. Let me please clarify that I haven’t babysat in probably 6 years and this is not the usual work I do for my clients. A little bit of convincing was required but it worked. So at 7pm off I go to meet my 2-year old date.

He greets me with a hug and shows off his coordination skills as he jumps and runs as fast as he can. Needless to say, I am really impressed. He politely asks me if I want to share his dinner with him and once it is gone, he asks if we can watch some TV. While we sat and watched cartoon pigs sail around the world, he slyly slipped his hand into mine. Just real casual.

As we are getting him ready for bed, he got caught in his pants trying to pee, slipped in the puddle, and bailed. I don’t care what anyone says, I’d rather see that then a roomful of people counting backwards from 10.  The hardest part of parenting must be to keep a straight face half the time. The learning to pee mishap was rewarded with a high five and clean underwear, and given the title of my least messiest New Years.

As I spent the rest of my evening hanging out on the couch, I flipped through the fitness magazine I brought with me and thought about how happy I was that I wasn’t drinking. WEIRD, RIGHT?! I was actually happy to go home and crush a protein and water in my blender bottle and sleep. Hopefully this means big things to come this year because my head is definitely in a good place.

Upcoming this year: a 5k race in May, shortly followed by my first triathlon. And hopefully no more babysitting on holidays 🙂


As a side note: I have issues with New Years resolutions… this is a continuation of my lifestyle and is not a resolution…
You can read my gripes about resolutions tomorrow.

HAPPY 2014!!!!!!

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The Boxing Day Sweats

Yesterday was leg day. Even though it was a terrible workout it still counts as a workout I can cross off as completed! I didn’t consider that I was completely fueled by chocolate, turkey, and alcohol (or that is how it felt, anyways). Normally I really do eat healthy- it is just that every rum and coke is just celebrated on this blog if it sounds like they come often.

It really feels as if the accumulation of consecutive nights of casual drinking is stored in your sweat glands. There it patiently waits until leg day.

I headed for the gym with a belly still full from Christmas dinner, and with the excitement that comes from going too long without a workout!… about 2 days. This was the first day that my brother didn’t join me since I have been home. He said he was sick but I think he was scared.

I could make a lot of excuses for my rough workout- I didn’t do my usual pre workout ritual  of waking up before the sun and standing all day, and I was using equipment I wasn’t used to. But really, I think I have to blame the fact that I was full of turkey, mashed potatoes, and chocolate. This really goes to show how important the fuel is that we put into our bodies. It didn’t take more than a few days for me to feel sluggish and slow. On the other hand, I would rather sweat it out than miss Christmas dinner! ‘Tis the season for meat sweats!

By the last exercise of my workout- single leg seated leg press- I had to drop the weight by 20lbs.

And I still struggled.

More meat sweats.

I really appreciated being in a gym in a different city where no one knew I was a trainer, as I whimpered and shook my way through my last set.

The holiday season is a time of year for food, drink and packed schedules, but I have somehow fit almost all of my workouts in. And they all feel just as great when they are over! I hope everyone has been getting their workouts in!! Happy Holidays!! Now go sweat!! 🙂


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