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Will Squat for Subway

So, the people in Moscow are geniuses. I just watched a video from BBC Europe about a new way to board the subway. This is to promote the Russian Olympic team but I hope it has a bigger effect than that. And I hope Toronto takes notice!

Here is the deal: if you can do 30 squats in 2 minutes then you can ride the subway for free. Like I said; genius.

Sure, some flaws exist but the idea and the message are fantastic. There was a lineup of people in the video and I bet at rush hour this line would be making people very late for work. Explaining to your boss that you were trying to get a free ride might not be the best excuse. I seem to have a magnetic pull for people with body odor problems, so I consider the potential for sweat an issue to consider, also. If you are wearing stilettos and a skirt? There is no stiff leg deadlift option, ladies. Finally (what I noticed first) is bad form. This is an automated device which counts down your squats but only has a sensor to monitor how low you go; I don’t think the reporter let his heels touch the ground until he bounced up and locked his knees into place. Thirty times.

In exchange, these people are offered a chance to exercise, save money, and travel to their destination. Squat what your mama gave ya! Bonus.

In the grocery store today I saw big signs and banners to help support our Canadian athletes for the approaching Olympics. It was a table of laundry detergent samples manned by two teenagers both on their cell phones. As I paused on my walk by, neither looked up. Good thing there is no medal for national spirit. I would be hopeful for Rob Ford to pick up on this, but I expect he will soon either be in jail or rehab. Oh Canada!

Here is the video and story

perfect squat

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