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Milk Duds

Yesterday I had my first experience celebrating milk.

One of my clients has created a line of organic almond milks and I attended the launch party to help celebrate. Why is it that attending a party in the daytime is much more difficult?!

I had no idea if the start time was the actual start time; we all know that if you show up at an evening party when the invitation says to, no one will be expecting you yet. But what does 3pm mean? Does the earlier start time shorten the fashionably late standard?

What about taking a gift? Maybe some Oreos to dip in the milk?

What sort of outfit says “I’m an almond milk enthusiast!”?

These were all very serious concerns on Saturday morning. Somehow I made it there (dressed and empty handed) ready to get my almond milk mustache on.

We sampled unlabeled bottles of almond milk and we were given cards to write our feedback on them individually. The more you try, the easier it is to make comparisons, so I was in a constant state of crossing out and rewriting (and confusing) all my cards. On top of that, I was trying to somehow alter my distinctive handwriting as if my client would stop training with me if I gave her poor reviews.

It is hard to give feedback when you are not sure which one you are actually supposed to give feedback on. In my opinion, there was only one I liked, and the rest either tasted too much like grass or too much like almonds (which might be the point). Other guests seemed much better at describing their opinions than my responses which ended up being many lines of writing all scribbled out, then “This tastes too flowery”. I will cross food critic off my list of potential job opportunities.

I’m not a big milk drinker but I do like almond milk. Usually I will just add it to my tea or to a protein shake.

What kind of milk do you drink?


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“I Think We’re Winning!”

I had my first experience going to Supperworks this week. K and I went and we (I) could barely carry everything we left with. After ditching some ice cube trays and defrosting some food unexpectedly, I fit everything in my freezer. Now I will be eating like a Queen for the next 30-36 meals.

It was a lot of fun and much easier than I thought, especially after all the intricate instructions I was given ahead of time. We were referred by a friend who didn’t want us to embarrass him. Who us?!

We arrived (late) to a place that looked like a really big kitchen with about ten big workstations. The space was filled with nicely dressed women in pearls, sipping wine, and packing up their meals to most likely tell their families later, “I have been slaving over this meal for hours!!!”. K and I ran in wearing our work clothes and he had a 3L jug of water in tow. I took the wine I was offered, but this did not help me blend in any better. Fact: Running shoes and wine don’t blend in any situation.

Between K’s frequent bathroom breaks, our uproars of obnoxious laughter, and our blatant lack of knowledge on where to find things in a kitchen, it was pretty clear we both have a long way to go until graduating Supperworks. On the plus side, we did both learn a lot about food preparation.

We are both competitive people, and it became established that we were on a team racing everyone else, logically. Somehow we forgot we were there to learn, and our focus became being the fastest food preparers in the history of Supperworks. When K yelled across the kitchen “I think we’re winning!” the other cooking- challenged people seemed to start drifting out.

It was a lot of fun for us, and we left with some amazing dishes. Whoever created this place is a genius and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs some help with cooking or is low on time. I am looking forward to dusting off my crockpot, greasing some pans, and warming up the oven. I will have to read my notes to see what happens after that though.


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