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One Year Later…

I just need to write a quick post. Blogging is almost like having a diary and mine wouldn’t be complete without this.

Today is exactly one year since the accident. It was a hit and run while I was biking to work.

I have daily reminders with back pain, shoulder pain, letters from insurance companies, and the scars.

More importantly, I have daily reminders with family, friends, clients, gym members, and even acquaintances asking me how I am. Texts, emails, and phone calls come in often, reminding me just how much I have to be grateful for.

In times of trouble, we learn so much about ourselves and those around us that we could never discover otherwise. This taught me the balance between staying strong and admitting when I need help. This reminded me that I am surrounded by a strong and supportive network of family and friends. Friends that instantly turn to chauffeurs, cooks, and hairdressers. And a father and brother who turn into detectives, sitting at intersections, and actually finding the man who hit me. Yes this is a true story.

There is still much to resolve and things are always moving forward, but if I glance back I can’t help but see how lucky I am.

Thanks for reading and here’s to the progress still to come.

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