Squats and Trots

I consider myself an athlete.

Sport is a mental game and although I may be temporarily sidelined from competition, I think the situation is a great challenge for my mental strength. I compete against myself every day that I workout (or I don’t). No one in the gym will know if I cheat myself a few reps to save myself from the ugly face and weird sounds that come with them. No one will know if I am actually not changing the song on my iPod but killing time while I pretend my legs are still feeling strong. No one will know if I go straight home to stuff my face with junk food because “I worked hard and earned it”.

But this is a mental game and my willpower is an Olympic barbell.

Being injured slapped me across the face with its silver lining. It took its time but sure enough it appeared as it always does. I was in a rut at work as a personal trainer and the world kindly gave me a wake up call when I was hit by SUV  while I was biking to work. Lifestyle changes are incredibly hard and this bad situation ended up being an amazing lesson to remind myself just what that experience is like.

As a trainer I was given a chance to learn (again) how intimidating the gym is to an unfit person, and how physically and mentally hard getting fit is. I would even dare to say it was unappealingly difficult. Luckily, I knew I would come to one day appreciate the struggle. The journey is just getting started and it is worth it already.

This blog is my story, my motivation, my interest in fitness and nutrition, and my progress. Thanks for reading 🙂

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